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Introducing MarketYOUniversity (MYU)

You may only know Pinpoint as a firm specialzing in helping promote and market your business. However, we have another division, MarketYOUniversity (MYU), designed to help you “market” yourself.

MYU offers instructor-led, online, and e-learning courses, including: Social Media Training (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and custom classes such as Team Building, Leadership, Management Training, and Presentation Skills.


What do you need from me?

We’ll need to discuss exactly what you need from a training perspective for your employees – what you’d like them to learn, improve on, etc. From there, we will submit a proposal detailing the creation of a custom training program to fit your needs. Once agreed upon, we will then proceed with creating the program materials.

How soon am I able to schedule a training session?

Typically, we require 2-4 weeks from proposal approval in order to create custom training courses. However, we do offer a list of existing workshops that can be run within 24 hours. Note: Turnaround varies on size and scope of training seminar.

How long do the trainings last?

Seminars can last from 1/2 day to a week long, depending on subject matter and scope.

Seminars Given Within Past 12 Months

1 Day Presentation Skills - 5 Classes

2 Day Presentation Skills - 10 Classes

LinkedIn Training - 3 Classes

Facebook Training - 2 Classes